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What will happen when you attempt to compile and run the following code?

class Whitney{
private Whitney(){
System.out.println("zero param Whitney");
protected Whitney(int i){
System.out.println("int param Whitney");
public Whitney(String s){
System.out.println("String param Whitney");
public class Andhilary{
public static void main(String argv[]){
new Andhilary().go();
public static void go(){
hoe(new String("beans"));
protected void hoe(String s){

1.Compile time error, a constructor may not be marked as private
2.Compile time error, the code in the main method is faulty
3.Compile time error caused by a problem in the go method.
4.Compilation and output of "beans"
5.Compilation and output of "zero param Whitney" followed by "beans"

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gautam said...

The Correct Answer is
3) Compile time error caused by a problem in the go method.

This code will produce a compile time error with a message such as non-static method hoe(java.lang.String) cannot be referenced
from a static context
hoe(new String("beans"));

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