Make Money From Your Mobile

Mginger is a program in India which pays mobile users to receive SMS ads.These Ads are displayed according to the preference of the user and therefore Ads are very relevant.The best thing is that by receiving these ads ,we also get to know about new offers and Latest products and also get to know about discounts on apparels and other shopping items.

Registration is straightforward, you need your name, phone number and a few location details. In addition to this, you must select 5 Interests, such as music, gaming etc, this will “fine tune” your ads that you receive. Sooooo, where’s the money, well for every ad that you receive you get 20 paisa, and for every ad that your friend gets you get 10 paisa, and if your friend’s friend’s gets an ad you get 5 paisa. Now it may not sound like much, but it could add up.
You get paid Per SMS received and when the balance reaches 300 you can request a payment which will be delivered at address specified in your profile.

As these mobile ads can be received on any mobile and one account refers to one mobile.So If you have more than one mobile you can sign one account for each mobile.

To Sign UP visit the link below


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