Notes Of All The Different Versions of SCJP

SCJP 1.5:

* Dave Allen's notes (html)
* Dave Allen's notes (Yahoo briefcase, downloadable, printable Word format)
* Mikalai Zaikin's SCJP Tiger notes
* XyzWS.COM's SCJP study notes

SCJP 1.4:

* Jane Griscti's notes
* Manish Hatwalne's notes
* Whizlabs tutorials

SCJP 1.2:

* Ashraf Fouad's notes
* Carl's notes
* Heather MacKenzie's notes (Editor's Note: These might actually be for 1.1.)
* Manish Hatwalne's notes
* Velmurugan's notes

Various Versions:

* JDiscuss


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