What is new in exam for SCJP 1.5

* Exam objectives: Several important new language features have been added, including enums, generics, static imports, and autoboxing/unboxing. API features added to the exam include java.lang.StringBuilder, java.util.Locale, java.util.Formater, java.util.Scanner. java.util.regex.Pattern, and java.util.regex.Matcher. Java IO features have been added, including File, BufferedReader, BufferedWriter, FileReader, FileWriter and PrintWriter. Concepts such as loose coupling and high cohesion have been added, as well as greater emphasis on encapsulation as it relates to JavaBean conventions. Bit manipulation (e.g., shifting) has been dropped.
* Number of questions: 72 (increased from 61)
* Time: 175 minutes (increased from 120 minutes)
* Passing score: 59% (increased from 52%)
* Level of difficulty: The concensus is that it is more difficult.
* Format of questions: As before, you will always be told how many options to choose. No credit is given for partial answers.

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